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Jebroer - The interview of the child of the devil

OH YES, you read correctly, we are quite gobsmacked ourselves. We had the chance to ask Jebroer a few questions about his life and find out the truth behind his mega hit "Child of the devil". Check it out!😈

Hi Tim! It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity of sending you some questions about your life as a singer, songwriter and producer. First of all, how do you start into your day every morning?

Every morning I start my day with a smile at 07:15. I worked very hard to be where i am today, and I feel blessed. I open my eyes and see my beautiful girlfriend next to me. Than I hear our 3 kids yelling ‘papa, mama’ from their rooms. I shower them, dress them and make them ready for school. After dropping them at shool I go to my office. I got my own Music Label named ‘ROQ ‘N Rolla Music’ with my partner/manager Babek. We build a great team and work hard as a family.

You started your career very early at the age of 17. During the years you switched to many different genres and collaborated with various personalities like Ronnie Flex, DJ Paul Elstak, Harris & Ford and lately Timmy Trumpet. How did these international collaborations and genre mixes happen?

Its been a long way haha! I’m 34 now. You want the long or the short story 😎? I’ll keep it short… Nothing happened without a reason. A lot of things came to my path along the way of working my ass off day in and out. My road to success had ups and downs. I learned from every step and absorbed all the lessons and created my own wave. I was always looking for a way to find myself and create opportunities to get bigger and better. In Holland I became succesfull around 2012. Always dropping new styles or combining more styles in 1 song.

Later on I exploded in Holland and Belgium with the song ‘Kind van de duivel’. Then the legend Scooter connected me to remake a song together that was also a hit in Holland called ‘Me Gabber’. We made it ‘My gabber’ for an international release and it exploded in Germany too. Then i made a remake of ‘Kind van de Duivel’ for my German fans, and called it ‘Kind eines Teufels’. This went viral in Germany, Swiss & Austria.

In Holland nobody got my style. Also in the German spoken country’s I was the first one to do hardstyle vocals in the German language. So I was/am very unique. Meanwhile I got a lot of support worldwide with djs who play my songs at big stages. People like Hardwell, Afrojack, Zedd & Timmy Trumpet etc.

I connected with Timmy and we wanted to make some music. I already recorded my vocals in English for fun and send it to him with the idea of him playing the melody with his trumpet. The rest is history. Since i saw a lot of interest worldwide I came up with the idea to do an album with 3 languages. The Dutch version is named ‘Zes’. The German version is ‘Sechs’. Both projects got a tracklist with 6 tracks. The ‘Child of the Devil’ song is the first release of the worldwide English album ‘Six’. Together its ‘ZesSechsSix’ so 666 in 3 different languages. All these 3 albums will be 1 big album at the and with 18 tracks. Hallelujah!!!

Do you have a preferred genre?

I am always thinking out of the box! For every mood and situation it’s a different genre. I like music that’s made out good energy. F*CK GENRES!

We heard that you wrote "Child of the Devil" as a message of dealing with a changing personality and challenging times involving partying. Has this song anything to do with your personal past as a teenager or a child?

The ‘Child of the Devil’ song is about me. I was a trouble child, but this made me who i am right now. I would love to say that I always had listened to the angel on my shoulder, but the Devil on my other shoulder brought me in a lot of problems. I’m thankful today because it made me a strong person. I don’t play games and I will speak out everything what’s on my chest. I will get what I want no matter what it takes. Death before dishonor. I came a long way. When I die, I need my people to celebrate my life like they celebrate Jesus. Sounds crazy but how beautiful is it? You will never be forgotten. 🙌🏼

This song was discussed in the media due to its “controversial lyrics” and some Christian and conservative groups wanted to ban this song. What was your first thought after this reaction?

I never really thought about it when i wrote the song. The whole Christian community hated me and wanted to boycott me in every way. That’s f*cking insane. I didnt want to convince people to believe in the devil or whatever. I still can’t go in a church somewhere because they see me as a devil. I told my story a hundred times, but they keep going against me. I understand that Christian people teach there kids that they are a child of Jesus and come home after school and sing ‘I am a child of the Devil’ and they hate me for that, but I don’t force people to listen to my music. I’m a fan of Jesus. My music is my bible and you choose to listen to it or not. My biggest lesson in life is that you have to believe in yourself before you can look for a religion you can relate to. I choose for myself. I hope everyone does. Amen

We HAVE to ask you this question: Do you believe in evil and god/ the good and the bad/ a life after death?

I believe in myself and my life after death is my music that will live on forever and ever. I thought that I would be dead at a age of 27, don’t ask me why. Everyday is a blessing for me and i follow my dreams till the day I die. And be the best me I can be!

You are a father of three kids, what is your biggest wish for your children?

To grow up and learn from the lessons I learned in my life. I’m the example of a boy with a dream who made his dreams come true. Work hard, play hard and hard work pays off. Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Back to your music business: As soon as we can celebrate again, on which festivals do you want to play (again)?

2020 I was booked at many big f*cking festivals. The most of them are re-scheduled and I hope I can bring my crazy show in 2021. I was really looking forward to Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Electric love and Airbeat one. Lets pray for 2021. Motherf*cking corona.

What are your experiences with Austrian fans and festivals?

ENERGY. Pfffff we had so many crazy shows and afterparties in Austria. I can get emotional when I think about it right now. I live for the shows. Addicted to the energy I get back from the audience. F*ck!

Thank you, Tim, for this insight into your life as a Jebroer!

We can't wait to meet you (hopefully next year) at the Electric Love Festival!🙏

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